Web Development

Billed as a "Yelp for migrant workers," Contratados is a co-designed technology solution that informs, serves, and empowers migrant workers.

Initiated by Centro de los Derechos del Migrante (CDM, or Centre for Migrant Rights), Contratados came to life via the co-design and research expertise of Research Action Design (RAD), design work of Una Lee at And Also Too, with "Know Your Rights" materials from Studio REV-

As Lead Developer, I worked with Tim Stallmann, a community mapping and counter-cartography specialist, to implement the website in Drupal 7. 

Contratados was named “Best Startup Technology” and “Best Overall Technology” at Netroots Nation 2015, and was named by Christian Science Monitor in How to free modern slaves: Three tech solutions that are working. It has thousands of active users and over a million page views.