As the end of the year approaches, I decided to do a quick survey of what I did this last year. Over the holidays, I’ve observed that it has been tricky to recap my year to friends and family. The work I do has been varied and hasn’t fit neatly into a single category. On top of that, 2011 flew by in a very busy hurry. I could scarcely remember everything I’ve been up to!

  • 3D and 2D motion graphics for a UNICEF video (soon to be released)
  • 3D and 2D motion graphics and titles for an Ontario Federation of Labour convention video
  • 2D motion graphics for a corporate social responsibility awards show
  • 2D motion graphics for a short website promotional video (soon to be released)
  • A website for a small Toronto-based consulting company
  • A website, visual identity manual, and communication strategy for a North Carolina-based farmworker justice organization
  • Several printed leaflets for federal NDP candidates
  • Tour videography for the Saskatchewan NDP during the 2011 provincial campaign

In March, I took on a part-time position at CFC Media Lab as a Technology Coordinator. It has been an extraordinarily active and fulfilling position. The work I’ve been able to contribute to has been varied and received some great feedback.

  • I developed and delivered an introductory, multi-day web technology workshop.
  • I interviewed Amon Tobin, AntiVJ, Sol Del Rio, and Tristan Perich (soon to be released) at MUTEK.
  • I was technical lead for an EEG biofeedback-powered interactive narrative, The Quetzal.
  • I proposed, designed, and developed the Media Lab’s holiday e-card, an homage to Angry Birds featuring Media Lab staff as unwitting projectiles (you can play a slightly feature-reduced version of the game here if you have Flash Player 11 installed and a fairly modern computer).

What’s coming in the year ahead? I can’t comment on everything ahead until it’s formalized, but 2011 was definitely a year where I gained a great deal of experience working in 3D workflows (mainly with Unity 3D, Cinema 4D, and After Effects). I expect that to continue (hello, UDK!).

I’m continuing work for freelance clientele in the motion graphics and web design/development arenas as well.

If you’d like to see what I’m up to on a more regular basis, be sure to follow me on Twitter (@aylwinlo). And let me know what you think of the work you see!

Update 2011-12-30: I forgot to cover VJ gigs! I had a great time throwing up visuals alongside the likes of Your Pretend Boyfriend at NXNE and DJ B# at Naco (RIP) and Bike Pirates. For 2012 I’m looking forward to some engagements with Yamantaka // Sonic Titan and hopefully more musicians to come.

Also, a big shout to Leslieville Creative Partners, with whom I performed much of the motion graphics work listed above.