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Jukebox mechanism

The assignment: Create a scene that incorporates a robotic arm, crane or similar type of device to pick up and place down another object.

Flash project: some bits and pieces

I had a lot of fun working on my big Flash project for the end of semester. Because I was focusing more on getting back into doing things with code, a lot of love went into implementing a few tricks that you may not have noticed at first glance. Here are a few: The logo […]


For this assignment, we were to pick an obscure word (Thanks, AWAD!) and lay out its definition and pronunciation alongside it, implementing a visual hierarchy. 11″ by 17″, landscape or portrait, no constraints on colours, filters, etc. Mostly to be done in Illustrator, but I was given leeway to use Photoshop to get a proper […]

Capoeira feMalês

As mentioned previously , I’ve been working on a logo for my capoeira group – not the group as a whole, but for an event happening as part of our annual batizado, or belt ceremony.

Garvey: Meet Sculpey

Garvey’s first rendering in Super Sculpey was more just to get a sense of how SS behaves when it’s thin. It took place with a small amount of material borrowed from Courtney during class. Given the limited quantity, I kept him pretty small and only rolled out a single flat piece, then bundled him up. […]

Garvey: Initial sketches

The Garvey project was the most involved project of all. I started with the idea of a lost garbage bag sometime in October; here are some of the first sketches I made of him. Despite the fact that a garbage bag seems like a simple shape to work with, I found that it still took […]

Gi: Sketches

Forgot to scan and post these initial sketches for the Gi menu.

Skateboard: Process

Now that all my projects are done, I have some time to share insight into my process for each of them. I’ll start with the skate deck, since that was probably the simplest of our projects. Here are some sketches developing initial ideas for the skateboard.