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Jukebox mechanism

The assignment: Create a scene that incorporates a robotic arm, crane or similar type of device to pick up and place down another object.

Kensington photo booklet

As evidenced by a recent Flickr photoset, I’ve been taking photos in Kensington Market. They were for a short booklet for our photography class, where we were to assemble at least 12 photos from a class field trip to the market in a half Letter-size booklet, and write approximately half a page of text on […]

Galerie de 6 photos à la Flash

Just a quick ‘n dirty Flash-based image gallery for an assignment. Photos were taken on my 2006 trip to Macau.

Shoe ad

For our photography class, we had an assignment to photograph and lay out a shoe ad. Portrait, 8.5 x 11. It’s good to have a housemate with a good selection of shoes.