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Animatic for the people

This is a partial animatic for a hypothetical 2-minute short film about my fictional character, Garvey. It walks through a website interaction where a user chooses between an audio-enabled and a subtitled version of the animatic (which is a rough animation used in the process of creating animated pieces). I drew the panels in Photoshop […]

Garvey: Meet Sculpey

Garvey’s first rendering in Super Sculpey was more just to get a sense of how SS behaves when it’s thin. It took place with a small amount of material borrowed from Courtney during class. Given the limited quantity, I kept him pretty small and only rolled out a single flat piece, then bundled him up. […]

Garvey: Initial sketches

The Garvey project was the most involved project of all. I started with the idea of a lost garbage bag sometime in October; here are some of the first sketches I made of him. Despite the fact that a garbage bag seems like a simple shape to work with, I found that it still took […]

Fresh product

I’ve been a bit remiss in updating this lately, instead leaning on Flickr to post updates rather than writing anything. So if you want to know what I’ve been up to lately, check my Flickr box over in the sidebar. Lots has been happening lately. This weekend, I picked up my skateboard design, worked on […]