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Bikes, business, and more

Wow, has it been over two weeks since I last posted? This must be rectified. With the move to the new neighbourhood, I suppose, I’ve been spending more time exploring in the evenings. I’ve also been doing more capoeira – and, in the last week, cycling!

Capoeira in Buenos Aires

One of the many things I’ve been eagerly anticipating about being in Argentina is the chance to train Capoeira with other groups – possibly even in Brazil, should the opportunity for a side trip arise. Before I even left Toronto, I was searching for and bookmarking the sites of a number of different Capoeira groups […]

Capoeira feMalês

As mentioned previously , I’ve been working on a logo for my capoeira group – not the group as a whole, but for an event happening as part of our annual batizado, or belt ceremony.