Logo and artwork for “Gi,” a fictitious Japanese fusion restaurant. We were to create artwork for 3 menu sections: appetizers, mains, and wine/beer.

Working from the idea that culinary fusion would be well-complemented by typographic fusion, I worked to fuse Chinese/Japanese calligraphy and Western typography, examining conventional and fluid Chinese and Japanese calligraphy as well as serif and blackletter Western typefaces.

In the process I also discovered the fascinating work of Haji Noor Deen, a native of China’s Shandong province who fuses Chinese and Arabic calligraphy.

Inspirations (thanks, Google Image Search and original content producers!):


Testing my rusty Chinese calligraphy skills. I actually like the “Gi” execution from the middle of the first line better than the one I put on the final menu, as the “i” figure matches the “g” better. I’m also partial to the proportions of the “a” at the end of the second line as well:


Calligraphy in menu layout. I had too much coffee this morning; painting calligraphy in small squares was a bit tricky:

Medium: pencil, soy sauce (老抽) and water on paper.