Dear Internets,

It’s a bit late, but I propose we commit to a joint initiative for 2014:

Stop the hashtaggery.

Specifically, I think 2014 is a good year to take a moment to reflect and resist the temptation to create or consume hashtags in any of these contexts:

  • T-shirts
  • Ballcaps
  • Casual conversations
  • Formal conversations
  • Image macros
  • Sweatpants
  • Yoga pants
  • Non-hyperlinked text
  • Song names
  • Gallery names
  • Baby names

There are exceptions – for example, to inform people of a hashtag that is in use for an event – but I can think of few.

OK, admittedly, the internet has bigger issues. But surely this is an easy issue to tackle with little effort.

A few quick tips for sticking to this resolution:

  • Pronounce “hashtaggery” with the same intonation you’d use for “douchebaggery.”
  • Get grammatically creative, e.g.: “Don’t be such a hashtag.”