Back in my days working in electoral politics, a familiar part of our job was to seek products and services that fulfilled the Party’s official mandate to prefer Canadian, Union-made products. A number of other organizations have similar purchasing policies, such as unions, governments and schools. Locating promotional products that fit the bill can be tricky, so it’s a good thing that companies like Union Pride exist.

Union Pride helps companies and organizations find promotional products that fit their needs – not just that have the right squeak, embroidering or colour options, but also that come from workplaces where employees are treated fairly, that don’t pollute our environment, and that are made in places where we have a say in the relevant regulations.

It was a pleasant surprise to be approached by Union Pride to redesign their website. I love it when I have more to contribute to a project than the just design or development – in our conversations I was able to contribute some of my knowledge and experience from two previous jobs: with the NDP, who would be a prospective client, and with the Maquila Solidarity Network, who are a valuable source of information and a key ally in the struggle to protect labour rights internationally.

On the technical side, I was pleased to successfully acquaint myself with the latest releases of Drupal, Cufón, and JQuery. Much of the heavy lifting on Drupal theming and product catalog was done by InHarmonic.